Remove emailconfirm field


I would like to setup a very simple subscription form, to allow people to enter subscription process after writing only once its email address. So I would like to remove/hide/autofill the “emailconfirm”.

What’s the best way to achieve that ?

Thanks for your help !


Oh sorry. I found that the solution is to check “Don’t display email confirmation”, in the subscription page configuration. I think that I didn’t imagine that could be the solution because in the French translation of that string, it does not mean exactly the same thing… The French translation is : “Ne pas afficher la confirmation par e-mail”. I understood that this checkbox is related to the subscription PROCESS, which automatically send an email to the subscriber to confirm the inscription.
I think it would be better to translate by : “Ne pas afficher LE CHAMP DE confirmation DE L’e-mail” which means more explicitly “don’t display email confirmation FIELD”…

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Thank you for that, I have marked this topic for the Translation Team, hopefully they will catch the suggestion you have made.


Well found – here is the string in the translation system (we are making the final switch to weblate hopefully this week):’t+display+email+confirmation&search=ftx&source=1&target=1&type=all

You can register an account and fix the text yourself, then it will be automatically included in the next phpList release.