Redacted Email Address on Preferences Page

Is there a way to turn off the redacted email address on the preferences page?

Not currently, no. This recently added feature was added to prevent harvesting of subscriber data.

Can you describe the benefit you’d get from preventing this behaviour? Thanks!

Without having the UID which is pretty hard to guess and one would not be able to access the preferences page.

The underlying issue I have is with our AOL spam feedback program. I get an email from AOL saying that the user has marked our newsletter as spam. So i click on the unsubscribe link which opens the preferences page with the redacted email but I can’t unsub that email without knowing the email. So I have to copy the UID from the url. Open the search interface and search for the user via UID and remove them from the list.

If the email wasn’t redacted i could just click the link and remove them from the list.

Maybe having the ability to turn off and turn on the redaction via the config file would be a good compromise. That way those would need it would have it and those that dont can turn it off.

The unsubscribe link opens an unsubscribe page, not the preferences page, although it does have the obscured email address.
If you then add jo=1 to the url then phplist will unsubscribe the person straightaway, without you needing to enter the actual email address.

The subscriber was obscured in recent releases for security reasons. It’s not a good idea to be able to turn this off, as it could have bad security implications.