Recommended email providers for phpList

I’ve been using phpList for about a decade on a shared server using localhost. The software is great - thanks. From time to time, though, someone else spamming on the server means everyone gets blacklisted. I just have about 5,000 subscribers and send 20,000 or so emails a month.

I see you now use Discourse for the forum, which recommends Mailgun, SendGrid, Mailjet and Elastic Email.

Are these, or others, recommended for phpList?

I will also look into - but I will need the email server also for other things too (like Mailman) so am not sure it would be suitable.

I note that in signing up to the phpList forum, both the Wordpress confirmation email and the Discourse confirmation email went to my Gmail junk folder, which I suppose demonstrates how hard it is to get right.


Another possible email provider is Postmark They charge for sending admittedly, but i have to use this on a site I took over that is on a Direct Admin server, and the DKIM and SPF settings have so far proved difficult to find, never mind the actual setting up!

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I’ll look into Postmark, thanks.

Does anyone have experience of using these, or similar? Thanks.