Receiving Confirmation-Mail or deleting PHPList´s cache

Hi everybody,

I got a little question. When subscribing for a newsletter with my email: I first will receive a message with a link I need to click to confirm my subscription. Then - after this process - I receive another mail which tells me that my e-mail-address is confirmed and put into the mailing-list. Perfect. Now, if decided to unsubscribe, PHPList gets rid of my e-mail-address. Perfect as well until now. Then, when I decide to re-subscribe, nearly everything is working the same way like with the first subscription - I receive a link via e-mail which I need to confirm. But then I won’t receive a confirmation-mail anymore which tells me, that my e-mail-address is perfectly put into the list. Instead the program tells me that my e-mail-address was registered previously. But I totally kicked it and hoped a re-subscription would work the same way like before.

Is it possible to always receive this confirmation-mail which tells me, that my e-mail-address was put into the list? If it is supposed to always do so, probably there is a little caching-error. In this case: Is it possible to clear the PHPList-cache?

Thanks a lot
Best regards :slight_smile: