Received a Blank screen on the time of installation

Received a Blank screen on the time of installation.only phplist logo and logout appears on screen.

Please help

Can you paste the contents of your config file (use the code </> tag) - and make sure to delete contents. Then tell us the url of your install :slight_smile: thanks

$language_module = "";
# what is your Mysql database server hostname
$database_host = "localhost";

# what is the name of the database we are using
$database_name = "_lists";

# what user has access to this database
$database_user = "_lists";

# and what is the password to login to control the database
$database_password = '';


And are you sure those details are correct? The main cause of this is bad config

Yes the configuration are correct.i have remove the credential before paste the config data here.

What version of PHP are you using? phpList 3 needs to be a minimum of PHP 5.3.x

I am using 5.4

Sometimes that blank screen actually has some code in it, if you can ‘view source’, it will show you what the html source is, which might provide a clue as to what is wrong.

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