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Recaptcha integration in subscription form


Hi, In settings under “The method to use for sending reCAPTCHA requests” I’m getting the message " Don’t know how to handle type select" and no way to change it. I looked and cURL and fopen seem to be enabled. What can I do? I’m using a Hostgator Cloud Business account if that helps.


@yitzi I guess that you are using an old release of phplist so you probably need to upgrade to the current release 3.3.1.


Thank you, that was exactly it. The installer on the host used version 3.0.6 I appreciate your quick and accurate response . @duncanc


Thanks for a great plugin!
I noticed that “I’m not a robot” stuff is inserted before the available lists. To me this is a be awkward.
Is it safe to move ListAvailableLists after displaySubscriptionChoice in the function subscribePage? Something like this:

foreach ($GLOBALS[‘plugins’] as $pluginname => $plugin) {
// dbg($plugin->name);
$html .= ListAvailableLists(’’, $GLOBALS[‘pagedata’][‘lists’]);

if (empty($GLOBALS['pagedata']['button'])) {
    $GLOBALS['pagedata']['button'] = $GLOBALS['strSubmit'];
    $html .= '<div style="display:none"><input type="text" name="VerificationCodeX" value="" size="20"></div>';
    if ($plugin->enabled) {
        $html .= $plugin->displaySubscriptionChoice($GLOBALS['pagedata']);

This is working for me.