Re-Subscription not working (old user unsubscribed and then re-subscribed)

PHPLIST Version: v3.0.11 - no code modifications
had the same Problem in older Versions too

have a problem with the re-subscription of a old user:

new user subscribes / the confirmation mail is sended out / the user confirms / the welcome mail is sended out

  • everything ok so far

now the user unsubscribes and he gets the bye-bye message

  • also everything is ok

now the same user re-subscribes
the confirmation mail is sended out
the user confirms

here the problem begins:

the user dont get the welcome email and the user is still blacklisted in phplist

here the values of the user in table phplist_user_user:
confirmed = 1 (yes)
blacklisted = 1 (yes)
disabled = 0
optedin = 1

How would it be possible to re-subscribe ? Is there a way too fix this characteristics of phplist ? or is there a error in my version …

thanks - hope someone can help

@RalfB This was a known problem and has been fixed since the release that you are using. You should upgrade to the latest release.

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Thanks for your help - an the good News :smile:
so i have to do the update … i dont like it … i´m afraid of surpises

You could pay someone like duncan to do it for you, or use where updates are automatically done for you.