Queue does not processs but manual send test messages works

Hello guys, I just reinstall a new server where I was planning to use the phplist, I can create a campaign no issue, but when I try to send the queue goes so fast I cannot see any processing, in fact I never get the msg. If I do a test send msg from the campaign it get it on the user that’s part of the list. Any tips? Thanks

I found the issue.

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What was it? The answer may help others.

The issue was with the scheduling you need to make sure it’s behind by default it sets the enabargo ahead of time and it does not sent. Once I changed that, all working.

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Ouch, thanks.

Would you recommend adding a client-side check to warn when this happens?

YES! I would since I had to spent some time to track it down

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When you create a campaign the embargo is set to be in the past, the start of the current hour. It sounds like either the php or mysql time zone is not set correctly.

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I think it reads the browser time. Since I have set the time on php and MySQL