Question about "Manage Campaign" plugin

I’m managing the mailing list for a small conference. For “traditional” reasons people still registers by sending an email (as opposed to using a web form). Therefore, I need to acknowledge their registration explicitly and individually.

I followed this method so far: I create a list, e.g. “registered_2015” and populate it with people registering for the current edition of the conference. I create a standard acknowledge message, and submit it to “registered_2015”.
Then I periodically (e.g. once a day) I requeue and re-submit the same campaign (using Manage Campaigns) so that the new additions to the list get their acknowledgment.

I recently decided to modify the standard message that so far I have sent to a bunch of people.
I do not want this people to receive the new version, because the change is not so important.
I would like to be sure that only the new additions to “registered_2015” are going to receive the new version (which has the same ID as the old version, since I simply edited it).

I think this is the standard behavior, but I’d like someone more expert to confirm that.

Thanks a lot

phplist won’t send the same campaign to a person again, even if you have edited the content and submitted the campaign again.

But you don’t need to use the Manage Campaigns plugin for this, you can requeue a campaign on the Campaigns page.

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Hi Duncanc,

thanks a lot! Apologies for the silly question. I suspected it would work that way, but could not find the relevant documentation.


Hi, the manual is at > if you would like a note to be added about this issue someplace, just reply to the thread at the bottom of the chapter in question. Kind Regards, Anna