Putting a suscribe box on the home page

Hi I’m new and I can see that there is a similar post from Jan 17 called embed subscribe form on web page but I can’t get to it or find it by search so I’m obviously doing something wrong but I want to do the same.

Currently I have a link from my home page in the top right at


Previously on earlier version of php list I had the subscribe box on the home page which is more user friendly and more likely to get subscribers. I only have one mailing list.

Firstly is it possible and if so (it must be surely) what snippet of code should I use?

Apologies if this is a dumbass question!

Not a dumbass question at all, the only ones that are, are the unasked ones.

Here’s a link to a how to on my site with the code that you need. Hopefully it will give you an easy(-ish) to follow guide.


Wow very helpful so thanks!! Will have a play and get it to work! :blush:


I’ve got it to work but a quick question. The user doesn’t need to input his name only his email address to sign up for email. What bit of code would I need to remove to get rid of this field please?