Public list with greyed out checkbox

Hi, I have few lists, a couple are public. This morning I noticed that one of the two had the checkbox greyed out in the edit lists page. The two lists have the same owner and are both active (I checked also in the phplist_list table).
Eventually I saw that the only difference was that the one with the checkbox greyed out had a specific subscription page (active but actually not in use) with only that specific list. Is that the reason? In fact when I edited the subscription page, tha checkbox was again editable. I’m not sure I grasped how it works… Thanks for any hint…

Your lists can be public - available for listing on subscribe pages, from where users can subscribe/ add themselves to those lists, or private - only accessible to the admin.

On each subscribe page you can list as many PUBLIC lists as you want. You can choose the lists you want to add to each subscribe page when you create a new subscribe page.

Hope this helps,

Hi Suela,
I didn’t explain myself well
my doubts are related to a possible explanation about why one of my two public lists had the checkbox greyed out while the other was editable. I’m simply curious to understand what makes a checkbox greyed out (disabled) in a public list.