Processing bounces of large messages lets MySQL goes away

When I was starting bounce processing (command line or web interface) I got repeatedly this error message:
phpList - Database error 2006 while doing query MySQL server has gone away
I’ve manually enabled the logging of the queries and I noticed that the query that killed MySQL was the insert of the bounce message into the phplist_bounce table.
I had very large bounce messages (4 mb) and in the data field that query was putting the entire message.
I didn’t saw how the data of the message will be used by phplist, but I’ve solved the issue putting just the first 3kb (it’s enough for the headers of the message) of the message in the data column.

file processbounces.php (version 3.3.1) line 224:
was: addslashes($body)));
I’ve changed into: addslashes(substr($body,0,3172))));

Could it be a permanent solution?
Best regards
Thank you