Processing 5,000 emails

I want to send to a list of 5,000 or so emails. I understand phpList will batch process these for me, but I was wondering, how long might the whole process take to send 5,000?

On a separate note, there isn’t any need to be worried about my domain being blacklisted is there, it’s only 5,000 and all are subscribed addresses.

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I use (I work for them too now) and this takes an insignificant amount of time on there. Like I dunno 5-10 mins. If it’s busy sometimes it can take longer, but mostly it’s super fast.

How many mails are you sending to this list each month do you think?

I don’t think this is true, blacklisting can happen at any time to anyone, for no good reason. The systems are pretty unrefined in my view. It’s your IP address you need to worry about, rather than your domain though.

Thanks anna for the super quick response!

Ah OK, that’s good to know! So, phpList sends in batches of 1,000?

This is a one off for a client, and if there was another send, it wouldn’t be for a month or two. I’ve used phpList for many years, but the most I’ve ever sent in one go was less than 105!

Hmmm, this is interesting and perhaps concerning at the same time. Especially with the client being on a shared IP… should I be worried?

Well with self hosted you can send in whatever batch size you want, in .com this is done for you based on your account behaviours.

In which case you would be better using .com - it’s a lot of work for a one off. If you set up a .com account you can pay for a plan and cancel, but all the data is maintained for free till the next time you need to send when you pay again :smile:

I personally never advise people to run their of phpList unless they have proper staff or skills to run it. Most people don’t. I know lots of people choose to run their own phpList regardless, but I do feel most people get a less good user experience because of this :confused: