"process bounces" command doesn't delete processed messages

phplist 3.2.4

the process bounces command says at the bottom that “Processed messages will be deleted from mailbox”.

Actually, running it I see that about 50.000 bounces are processed, and the result is that 5000 are deleted

However, if I run the process bounces command againg, the bounces number hasn’t changed.

I revised the bounces mailbox in the server filesystem, the command hasn’t changed its size.

Am I missing something?

@paolo 50,000 is way too many bounces for phplist to process. If this number of bounces has built-up over a long period of time then you should just delete them all from the mailbox, or maybe leave the most recent few hundred.

Then phplist will be able to deal with bounces so long as you run process bounces regularly. You should also actively monitor the bounces so that the subscribers are removed or unconfirmed or blacklisted.

Also, you should not allow the number of bounces to build-up in the phplist database, so you need to periodically delete old ones or use advanced bounce rules.

@duncanc, you say that phplist isn’t able to process such a quantity of bounces, but phplist itself doesn’t give any error message…

I’m guessing that the process is taking too long and is timing out, so there might not be an explicit error message.

But did you mean that you have 50,000 bounces in the mailbox, or in the phplist database? Either way that is too many for it to process.

I have 70k addresses in the db, and I had 50k bounces.

I don’t think the process was timing out, the web pages counted all the bounces, and apparently it completed normally.

Now I deleted the majority of the bounces, I left only 1500, but neither now it deletes the bounces from the mailbox…

Maybe a permission problem on the fs?

There is a setting in the config file that controls whether to delete emails from the mailbox. The default is to delete, but you might have changed that.

Other than that I cannot suggest anything else.