Problems when sending test email

I designed a template for a list of emails. But when I send myself a test, I receive 2 emails: 1 with the template and a second that is empty with a link “powered by phplist”. How can I avoid this second email.
I don’t want my customers to receive 2 emails, only the template, not the “powered by phplist”.
What can I do?

As you say, this is the test emails, by default one is sent to the text email address you specify to show you what the HTML (the one using your template) and a TEXT version look like. Your subscribers will only receive the version they have specified when the signed up, if you gave them the option.

To avoid them receiving a blank text email, specify HTML only as the option. They will only ever receive one email anyway, but if you give them to option to choose TEXT, then you run the risk of them receiving blank emails, so I’d recommend setting them to only receive HTML and not given them any choice.


Thank you. You have been helpful.

As far as I understand it, subscribers will never receive blank emails as long as you have text in the html message (which you should always have).

A plain text copy is always generated, it is actually included in the html version too.

In this case it is empty because you are just sending a template. Type some text in the message body of a campaign and send a test then - you will see it does work fine.

It is often good to have plain text as an option: some people still prefer it.

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Good point Anna, but if the text emails ARE blank then I was assuming that the Template contains all the content of the message and the user isn’t therefore using the initial message box (in Tab 1) and not using the tag [CONTENT] in the template where the text would have gone. If this is not the case, then Sunel does have a problem,

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yes, I thought so. Or perhaps the message with everything in an image.

Those two things

  1. New template for every message, containing all of message text and
  2. Sending message as an image, with no text

are very bad uses of phpList. I think people do it out of misunderstanding how phpList works, the new manual should help. We should blog about that sometime :slight_smile: