Problem with upgrade to v3.2

Uploaded v3.2 to server into new folder
Copied over old config.php to new folder
Ran …/lists/admin from browser…
Initializing started… then info box went BLANK… wait a few minutes nothing changed so X’d out

This is what the DASHBOARD screen looks like:

Error: Your database is out of date, please make sure to upgrade
Your version : 3.0.12
phpList version : 3.2.0

Go back and run: …/lists/admin
Next screen is the error described above…

Any ideas to salvage this upgrade?


That’s not an error, despite the word “error”. Just follow the link to upgrade the database, after taking a backup first.

THANK YOU! Successful!!!

Perhaps you can pass on to the documentation folks to include some clarification about the “blank box” and the need to click UPGRADE!