I already did several newsletter systems with phplist and it works perfect.
But now I have a problem. In my send confirmation mail the url just look like this:
The part before the ? is missing.
And in the other part of the mail the [UNSUBSCRIBE] is written like this and not as a link.

I checked in the settings the domain and in the config the path, but I cant find any errors.
Maybe somebody has an idea?

That is the link to the subscribe page:

Thank you for helping

Hi, you might look at a couple of things…

  1. did you mean to use [UNSUBSCRIBEURL], not [UNSUBSCRIBE]?
  2. config/settings, look towards the bottom of the page, it lists what the unusbscribe url looks like.
  3. you might want to make sure your domain is properly listed at the top of the setting page…
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