Problem sending Emails

I’m French and have a small issue
I have installed a Phplist setup on an OVH space
A lot of things are OK (database, templates, configuration…).
But I have a problem remaining.
All emails are sent and received when they are sent thru the public space
All emails are sent but not received when they are sent thru the admin space either campaign or test E-mails.
There is no error message in the log of events
Could you please help me ?

hi @pasque
Can you please clarify what you mean by ‘public space’ and ‘admin space’?


Hi @danwaterloo,

I have made lot of tests since my previous message after having understood that it was necessary to renamed and modify config_extended to config.
I have sent couple of message with success thru SMTP protocol but OVH (my provider) blocks emails campain.
So, I have removed the SMTP parameters to try to send thru phpmail function.
After that, no more campain are sent…
What I mean by public space is the web space accessible by users and Admin space is the back office.

Hi All,
When I try to send test mail, Phplist says Successful but mail never arrived (never sent !)
Is there a debug mode or a log with Phpmailer mode ?

You can put this in your config.php file:


Then, when you send a test, it will have the text of the smtp session printed at the top of the web page.

But when you don’t use SMTP it doesn’t work !
my config is :


to use phpmail function instead of SMTP (due to provider blocage)

You might want to check to see which ports are open on the ovh server. they could block port 25, check with your provider. phpmailer does create an smtp connection, which sends the email.

Thank you for your answer
Due to the quantity of issues to setup Phplist with my provider and as I can’t send campains thru Phpmailer function. I have stop this setup to switch to another solution with integration in wordpress.