Problem save message phplist 3.4.9

I upgraded to version 3.4.9 and when click save the message gives the error: “you don´t have permission to access this resource”
The permissions of the sub-folders “lists” are all 755 and files are all 644.
Any folder are 755 permissions and any file are 644.
I appreciate any help.

@cflores Possibly some anti-malware software on the web server is blocking the submission due to the content of the message.

The usual suspects are apache mod security and a Wordpress plugin called Wordfence.

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Thanks duncanc. The same thing happens when I try to save changes to message templates. When i click save changes gives the error. As i solve the apache mod security?

@cflores You will probably need to raise the problem with the system administrator. They should be able to look at the web server logs to see the cause.

Just to confirm whether mod security is the cause of the problem you can ask for it to be disabled temporarily.

I don’t know why this should suddenly start being a problem with release 3.4.9. Which release did you upgrade from?

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the previous version was old, I think it was version 3.3.1. I haven’t used phplist in a while.
the apache version are 2.4.41