Problem of upload direction

I faced a recurent problem with phplist, the impossibility to upload images.
The path roots is set /lists, the UPLOADIMAGES_DIR is set too lists/sandpit and i have let the File system path to the upload image directory empty as preconized.
Conclusion no image upload and when i load the template he want to look for the pictures inside
By the way phplist go to look in the good folder when you send a campaign with embeded image previously manually drop in the good folder.

And subsidiary question. Someone succed to run phplist on a synology? Same problem a little more tricky. Upload folder don’t want to be accessible at all even when i change inside the syno the open_basedir for having this form /tmp:/var/services/tmp:/var/services/web:/var/services/homes and not something like /volume1/… and of course the folder writable. The NAS seem not to be aware of any configuration gave to pplist to reach the folder and no possibility to send campaign with enbeded image.

If someone have the solution.

What do you mean by this?
Which editor plugin is enabled on the Manage Plugins page? Is it ckeditor or fckeditor?

Sorry for the late, but i was on hollydays without a computer.

The plugin unable is ckeditor
And i mean by no image upload is no image are uploaded inside the directory.

I still don’t understand the problem. Do you mean that the upload process appears to work but the file is not stored in the directory? Unless an error message is displayed then I don’t think that I can help.

that’s it, i have a message telling me my image is stored, but their is nothing in the directory.
By the way, if i upload by ftp those images, the mail is send correctly