Private mailing list

Hi, I just installed phplist-3.3.1 on a CentOS 6 (cPanel) server.
I created a test list, and I left “public” box unchecked.
My goal is to create a private list, I mean: nobody should be able to subscribe without admin authorization.

I sent a few messages to a couple of mailboxese, and I tried to unsubscribe to this list.
When I received “Goodbye from our Newsletter” message, I received in the footer this link:

…that link worked and I was able to subscribe again.

I really want to avoid public subscription.

How can I do this?
Thank you very much

You can change the text for the ‘goodbye’ message.

Config/Settings/Message subscribers receive when they unsubscribe

remove the [SUBSCRIBEURL]

If there is an error in this information, you can re-subscribe:
please go to [SUBSCRIBEURL] and follow the steps.

Hi, danwaterloo,

yes, I could do that, but this doesn’t avoid public registration, if someone try to get URL (which is standard).

If the list is private, then it won’t be available as a subscribe option.