Possible to import unsubscribes list from previous provider?

I am moving over from Vertical Response. In Vertical Response all the unsubscribes are held as a status in the master list of addresses. I could separate this out as a list composed entirely of unsubscribes. Can I import this list into PHPList and add all these addresses to the blacklist?

@AlexWakatobi That would be two separate steps. One to import the file of subscribers, the second to mark those as blacklisted.

Thanks for your reply and apologies for the delay in coming back - had to drop this for a while. I can understand how to import file lists of subscribers, but what would be the process to mark them as blacklisted - can I do this as a bulk operation - import a list, all of which are blacklist addresses, and then mark the list as all blacklisted addresses?

@AlexWakatobi Under menu Subscribers > Manage subscribers, there is a command for “Suppression list” (or blacklist).

Many thanks - I had wondered if this may be the case, but couldn’t find anywhere that said suppression list = blacklist.

One again, many thanks