Possibilie to create a blacklist for a wildcard domain?


i need to import a lot of emailadresses. A large part of the addresses come from a domain that I do not want to import. How / where can I do that?

I imagine a possible blacklist entry like this: *@domain.com

@Relo Probably simplest to manipulate the file of email addresses outside of phplist. If you use a spreadsheet then you can extract the domain from each email address using a formula like this

=RIGHT(A1, LEN(A1)-FIND("@",A1))

Then sort the data by the domain and remove those that you do not want to import.

sure, but is there no way to do it by phplist. Is there no built in blacklist or something else?

@Relo Well you can import the email addresses then blacklist them in phplist, There isn’t a way to define a rule “never send to this domain” so you would need to repeat the blacklisting after each import.

You can do bulk blacklisting using the Subscribers plugin. See the plugin documentation for the section Subscriber commands plugin:subscribers [phpList Resources] . You can use the “blacklist” command with subscriber selection of the domain that you do not want to send to.