Positioning of 'Powered by' tag

Is there a way to reposition the tag so that it is positioned on the left hand edge of the page?

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Do you mean within a subscribe page?
Also, can you confirm which version you are running please.

No, I mean at the end of an email.

If the email message is left justified, it looks odd having the tag positioned centrally relative to the web page.
I would like the option to place it on the left edge after the message, or possibly within a table with a single row so the position can be chosen by myself

The version I am using is 3.2.7

@Geoff @Dragonrider You can use the [SIGNATURE] placeholder to position the “powered by” image or text where you want.

See https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch023_advanced-templating.xhtml

Hi Duncan, hate to ask a silly question, but if I am getting the powered by image added at the end of my messages already, would it not end up being displayed twice if I add the [SIGNATURE] placeholder again in the message body?

Just in case you were wondering, it has not been included in the message or the [FOOTER]