Plugin Install, not Installing?

phpList 3.31
PHP Version 7.0.21
MS Edge

Having a little problem getting this recaptcha plugin installed. Searched through the forum without seeing anything that I thought might help me.
I did install the common, autorespond and time zone plugins on July 17th no problems with them.

The only other thing I have changed was to switch to the bootlist theme.


Fetching plugin
Developer bramley
Project phplist-plugin-recaptcha
Installing plugin
Error: Invalid plugin package
Plugin installation failed[/code]


@bettsr It’s not clear from your description whether the problem applies to only the one plugin, or to any plugin that you try to install.

One thing to check is the setting for the temporary directory in config.php

$tmpdir = '/tmp';

ensure that the directory, /tmp by default, has read/write/delete permission for the web server process.

Thank you @duncanc it was a late night should have seen it.

Thanks again for your help.