Placeholder with particular list name

i want to use PHPlist to inform my clients for updates for plugins, we are talking about + 50 different plugins.

i have several clients wo several uses the same plugins other have different plugins.

i do not want sending my clients many mails fur making attention for updates. therefore i was thinking to make for every plugin a list, and subscribe every client to that list that stands for a plugin he use, in example lists plugin1, plugin2 plugin3

but if there i an update for i.e. plugin1, plugin3, i make a newsletter and select list plugin1, plugin3 how can i give the output: update plugin1, plugin3 ?

I tryed the placeholder [LISTS] but become in this case an overview of all subscribed lists

please help for a sollution

Make an attribute for plugins, and use that as a filter

Hi Dragonrider, it is kind of complicated what i try todo, as write before it´s about many different plugins and different customers. what i want to achieve is that i can select those plugins who have an update and send them to those customers who use this update, maybee i do not understand the use of attributes but if i understand correctly with your sollution i have to select those attributes (plugins) and the list can be sended to those cutomers who have the same attribute, is this correct?

i have still problems to send with attributes and secondly can i use a placeholder for each attribute?

how do i use this?



As I understand it, if you make an attribute for the plugin’s you use, you can then select it as a filter for which user gets the mail regarding a new update for a plugin

@Winock The choices for managing which subscribers to send to are

  • a list for each plugin
  • a user attribute for each plugin
  • a single multi-value attribute (checkbox group)
    But having more than 50 lists, attributes or values for a single attribute are is not going to be easy to manage.

Also, none of these will allow you to include automatically the list or attribute name in the email, you will have to manually include the plugin names in the body of the message.