PHPList Wordpress Integration solved

I (finally!) successfully integrated PHPList plugin (1.7) from Jesse Heap.
The two most incompletely documented difficulties are:

  1. In General setting: Main problem was to get a correct ID for list. It goes that test() is ID n° 0 on PHPList. I added 2 lists choice for users under ID 1 and 2. In WP those 2 are ID n° 2 and 3 and NOT 1 and 2.
  2. In Form Setting : Text Field Label Name & Text Field ID are to be exactly as written in PHPList. BUT: having created more field in my PHPList data base (Name, Zip & City, etc…) I had to:
    - unselect the “required” field in PHPList for Zip & City

Now it would be great to be able to include more Text Field Label Names, of course.

Point 1) above was the most head scratching though simple to solve.

You may have a look at my WP here blogartists
and PHPList here PHPList

Thanks for posting this… and figuring out the wordpress plugin integration!


Here is a view of the code added to sidebar-left.php in Easel theme. I believe it is similar for any other theme. The PHPList code is highlighted. The word “Vous abonner:” = “To subscribe:”
By the way WordPress 4.6.1 and PHPList version 3.2.6
I’ve not found any [code] button so it is a picture: