phpList v 3.4.1

Hi, I have being using PHPList v3.4.1 for a while on a development machine. Now when I want to put the code on production machine the are somw issues that I have being trying to resolve but I don’t see where is the problem.

  1. The updater option
    When I click on the update option of the main menu I get the next message “Cannot update because config directory is not writable.” I have already give permissions to the config directory and also to the updater directory but this seems not to be the problem. Can you help to realize where is the problem?

  2. All the phplist news from the main menu are lost. I don’t know what happend but now all the news are missing. What can be the problem?

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  1. Check if selinux is affecting this. Then you can use a utility like parsepath to check the file permissions of all parent folders as well as the config file.
  2. Try restarting apache and reloading the page. If apache is started before remote networking is available (which can happen on a dev server and certain OSs) then this problem arises.

I have already disabled selinux and the problem persist. Any other suggest?

I have already use parsepath utility and discover that user own of phplist directory was wrong, then I have already change it and updater option is now working. Also phplist news.

Thank you.

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