phpList upgrade giving database error

Hi, I upgraded our phplists software. Because it was a very old install I had to manually change the database entry so that the lists version was over 3.2. Otherwise it wouldn’t let me upgrade! Everything seems to be working and I have my old database of subscribers back again. However I get an error on the dashboard that says;

Database error 1146 while doing query Table ‘sexyloop_lists.phplist_linktrack_uml_click’ doesn’t exist

Are there things I should add to the database to fix this error or will come right when I send out my next newsletter?

Many thanks!

@Sexyloops You need to upgrade in two steps, first to release 3.2 then to the latest release.

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Thanks Duncan. I can’t seem to find 3.2. Is it still available?

Cheers, Paul

@Sexyloops see

Welcome to the forum @Sexyloops - good luck with the upgrade!

Thanks. So I should install 3.2 first and then upgrade to the latest? Does 3.2 work with php7.3 and MySQL5.7?

Is it not possible to simply add fields directly to the database or import the old list database file into the current lists version?

Cheers, Paul