phpList sent multiple copies of the same email campaign

My client’s organization hadn’t sent a campaign since July 2018 since our last annual event. We started our new campaign season but ran into problems. phpList sent the same email several times to every recipient. I have about 500 subscribers, but it sent 2,490 emails. This installation is currently 3.3.9.

I have another client using a separate installation of 3.3.9 on the same hosted server with 465 subscribers. They use it weekly and it has been working without a hitch.

I’d appreciate any ideas on what to look for. The server for both installations is on a shared and hosted server, in other words, I do not own or control the server.

Are you sure multiple copies were received? It is likely that the messages were lrocesses multiple times, not sent multiple times, due to problems connecting to the smtp server. You can enable more verbose logging and check the log (see debugging section of manual)