Phplist sends out cropped plain text campaigns


I’ve upgraded recently my phpList installation to v3.2.6.
After upgrading database and testing configuration, I’ve sent a normal campaign to a list of users for testing purposes, but I am receiving the plain text version of mail only, instead of html version. The user is configured to receive html versions of mails. The campaign too. Also when I send a test mail, I receive two copies of plain text version only.

Someone got the same issue?, can anyone help me?.
Thank you :slight_smile:

P.D. I am using ckEditor 2.1.3+20160603 plugin, but when I disable this plugin and try to send the campaign, the emails are also sent as plain text only…

Hello @inakilb,

This shouldn’t be happening, and doesn’t happen on the installations I
You would want to check your users and make sure they are all set to
prefer html emails.
Make sure you create a NEW campaign, and try sending a simple email with
a couple of words, and a link (set this up in the html editor ckeditor).

First step is to get the html email coming to you as a test, then it
should work in the system.

I’m assuming that you copied your previous config.php file over, what
version was that for?


Hello @danwaterloo,

I am testing it right now :slight_smile:

But I’ve tried all, the users all prefer html emails.
I copied the config.php file and modified it with some changes for cron jobs and batch queues etc.
I’ve sent new test campaign with just two word in html and works well, the email I have in my inbox is in html.

It is something strange, perhaps something related to the length in characters of the html source code… because when I deleted part of the html message (the bottom part, two or three paragraphs), all worked well. But when I added, one by one those paragraphs, I detected that in one of them, are two links that point to another webpage (different from the domain I host the list), using https, when I delete those two links the email is sent in html, but when I add those two links, the mail is sent in plain text, and curiously the message appers to be cutted there, where those links should appear in plain text.

Also I’ve detected that the email is being sent in both plain text first and html format later in same email (when I receive the html version of mail as I explained before), but I always check the html only option in campaigns.

I hope I explained the problem and the tests well :slight_smile:


P.D. I will try to post a similar html email than the one I am trying to send so someone can try to reproduce the issue in his own installation and post in the forum the results.

P.D2. My previous version of phpList was 3.0.10

If I understand correctly what you mean, then that is normal. phplist sends a multi-part message that contains a plain text section and an html section. The recipient will view either html or plain text depending on their email client configuration.

Hi @duncanc,

thank you for your response. Yes, that part is ok, but I supposed that there was a missing option in campaign editor in format section. As help says there should be three options: html, plain-text and html/plain-text in multipart, but I see only the first two, I think that selecting the first one the phpList system assumes the third in all cases.

Thank you.

Hello all!, @danwaterloo, @duncanc,

After more than a couple of hours of testing, I found a possible bug in PHPList, that kind of messed and rare bug, difficult to locate and reproduce. But if someone can test this in his/her system, and confirm, adding PHPList version and CKEditor version plugin to the report on this thread, that also fails, I will report this as a bug to the PHPList team.

HTML text in a “p” tag thet ends with a link, anchor tag and after link a dot, makes PHPList send the mailing in just plain text because cuts the string in some part of the processing.

Also happens surrounding the a tag with an strong tag, or em tag, or b tag, but with an i tag does not happen.

Example mails to test:


<p>Example text with <a href="">link</a></p>

<p>Example text with <b><a href="">link</a></b></p>

<p>Example text with <strong><a href="">link</a></strong></p>

<p>Example text with <i><a href="">link</a></i></p>

<p>Example text with <em><a href="">link</a></em></p>

<p>Example text with <i><a href="">link</a></i>.</p>

<p>Example text with <b><a href="">link</a></b>.</p>

<p>Example text with <a href="">link</a>. More text.</p>


<p>Example text with <a href="">link</a>.</p>

<p>Example text with <strong><a href="">link</a></strong>.</p>

<p>Example text with <em><a href="">link</a></em>.</p>

PHPList 3.2.6 (upgraded from 3.x)
CKEditor plugin version 2.1.3+20160603 by Duncan Cameron
Linux system with Apache and MySQL


  1. Create a new campaign.
  2. Compose message using HTML and CKEditor.
  3. Using HTML/source view, paste one of the “Example mail


  4. Send a test mail to someone that supports HTML format.

Hope this helps someone, and free from some headaches :slight_smile:

Iñaki López