phpList on same database as Wordpress


I am looking to change my newletter application.
The old one I was using is far from perfect… and your seems nice.

But I don’t host a huge website. I only have Wordpress and it has little trafic.
so I have a very basic hosting… with only one database.

Is it okay to install on the same Database as my wordpress?
Is there a place where I can set a prefix for all the tables you create?


Yes, you can use phplist within a single database, just use add the following to your config/config.php file

# if you want a prefix to all your tables, specify it here,
$table_prefix = 'phplist_';

Perfect, thank you.
Seems like a great tool, I’ll come back if I need help with configuration, or with ridding a dragon ^^

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Hey, sounds a bit risk though. If you don’t have many subscribers it’s probably free of $1 a month to use .com - might be a better idea :confused: