Hello to all
how many limits can be set in an a PHPlist’s installation ?
I understood that i can set X messages per hour…
But would be possible to set something like :

  • X messages for Hour
  • X messages fo Month
    can i have a countdown of remaining email?
    Thank you all

The x messages per hour is to avoid getting marked as a spammer and to avoid getting blocked by your host. Not sure why you would also want to set a monthly limit? There is a countdown of how many left to send in the Active tab of your campaigns list.

Phplist Team, in his Hosting specify : “the trial account is limited in volume:
It allows you to send up to 300 messages per month with a daily limit of 50 messages.”

How can i apply this limit?
i make it with “MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE” and “MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD” or in other way?

Hi, I think I spoke to you by email earlier. The trial account you refer to is on With you do not have any limits, other than the technical limits of your hosting.