PHPlist Maillist Processing info reports

I have looked around maybe I have missed it but I searched and changed / added a snipped of code to stop getting batch reports of every 5 messages sent out I get a email - PHPlist Maillist Processing info

As far as I know I did change the setting to false “0” as stated in the SEND_QUEUE_PROCESSING_REPORT in the config.php


that is in the extended conf

But I still get over 100 + email when I send a campaign to 900 + users

What am I doing wrong ??

Please / Thanks


phpList only reads the file 'config.php’
The example file ‘config_extended.php’ gives examples of settings you can use or change. If you want to change them, you would copy them into the config.php file.

So… put that line:
into the config.php file to make it active.


I thought it read that as extended not optional config file …

Thanks Ill make that change

Guess I didn’t read as much as I thought I did Its the simple thing that you miss that makes all the world of a difference.

Thanks for your time