PHPList don't use my Template

Sorry, my english is not so good! I come from Germany…

I’ve a problem…

PHPList don’t use my Template!
I use PHPList 3.2.4 with PHP 5.6.7 on a Linuxserver.
In the Checkbox of create a Massage i use HTML.
When I send the test message, unfortunately, is only the text but not the design of it and I do not understand why this is so. What am I doing wrong? The test template of PHPList have the same error…

This is my template:

Can you help me in easy words, please?

Have a nice day

Anybody is going to help me???

@ManuelB The template is fine.

Ensure that your subscriber has selected to receive html format emails

Hi, yes, and are you choosing the template on the format tab to? :slight_smile: