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I had been using a Archive page to display past mailings on my website. I just upgraded from 3.06 to the latest and now that archive.php page is just blank when I access it. Is there an updated version or any thoughts on why it doesn’t work anymore?


If you are referring to the alangeorge - code enhancements (aka hacks) the website is in the process of being updated and the pages renamed. However the site search engine will suggest where you can go if you ask the right question!! The archive routines have continually been updated to reflect changes made by the core developers and are fully functional from releases 2.10.17 thru to 3.0.12. The new gateway to the enhancements is now at


Hope this helps the numerous people that have landed on the 404 page and not used the search engine, which by the way also searches the archived newsletters…i.e. the search engine on the AG-P site


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I will check there… Thanks.

I did search on the new phpList site and the word archive returned nothing. It’s now returning this thread, so future people should have some reference now.

The direct link is

Hi, have you considered making these into plugins etc? Looks all useful stuff! :slight_smile: You are welcome to blog about it at

Also, could you update the logo on that page? You can get info here

Hey @AlanGeorge, you’re a genius for bringing this feature to life! I can only wish the developers would have made it official. Alas, a long time ago in the old forums I’ve asked for your cooperation to no avail. How about nowadays?

I’ve glad you got rid of the obsolete ereg functions, but I’ve still got stuff added to your latest version:

  1. Got rid of the need to supply a user ID
  2. Attachments(!)
  3. Footers
  4. Templates
  5. Multilingualism
  6. Changed some query loops to just one run (when the expected result is just 1 line anyway)
  7. Removed hardcoded widths, etc. Sadly it’s still not responsive, possibly due to heavy table usage

I prefer not to do it each and every time you release a new version. Will you consider putting a shared work in Github, etc.?

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Thank you very much, Alan!

We wrote a little manual in german:

In a few months we will also update.

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@lwc Great summary of potential improvements. Are you still applying your local patches? Can you share them with us?

Sure, been using this version plus my patches for years now. To clarify, this is a standalone file/page that shows your archive: (6.8 KB)

Some notes:

  1. My patches are always between:

Original code goes here
// custom code - start
My patch goes here
// custom code - end
Original code goes here

  1. As mentioned above, I’ve made it multilingual. I’ve set up default English strings, which are replaced dynamically with (currently custom) strings from the active language file, if such exists.
  2. You can’t run this file unless you add it to the default .htaccess:
    <FilesMatch "(
    <FilesMatch "(archive.php|
  3. If you want visitors to see your archive, they obviously need to know it exists. So in index.php I suggest to use:

// Print unsubscribe page link
// custom code - start
if (isset($strArchiveTitle))
$TitleArchive = $strArchiveTitle;
$TitleArchive = “See the archive”;
printf("\r\n" . ‘<p><a href=“archive.php”>%s</a></p>’, $TitleArchive);
// custom code - end

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Brilliant, thanks @lwc. At least now others can look at this. Hopefully the functionality can make its way into core at some point. If anyone wants to work on this please step up.

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@lwc You might not be aware of the View in Browser plugin, which provides an archive page, which lists the campaigns sent to a subscriber.

Each campaign entry is a link to the plugin’s page to display that campaign.