PHPlist admin dashboard login page not working

I have installed the phplist.But I cant able to login the admin page,because the admin login page was not loading.

Hi, did you follow everything here : ?

It sounds to me like you have not done the section entitled “Edit the phpList config.php file” correctly

Hope that helps

Unfortunately I know from recent upgrade experience, the smallest error in the config file can produce that result.

My mistake was accidently losing a “_” when using editor.

Also, it’s easy to not have uploaded your latest conf.


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It’s most likely what @oldgeezer mentioned, a typo in the config.php file.

To troubleshoot further, you can look at the source of the blank page and see if there is anything there, and/or look at your web server log files for any hints.

check your config.php file carefully, it’s easier to do if you use a text editor with color coding.
(Notepad ++ comes to mind).

Look for missing ‘;’ at the end of the lines, and long sections of comments where they shouldn’t be.