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phpList 3.3.7 Release Candidate ready for testing

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A Release Candidate for phpList 3.3.7 is available for testing

This release includes a new Automatic Updater module that provides an alternative way of upgrading phpList from a Web browser. Eight fixes to other functionality is included, and one new feature for plugin developers.

Automatic updater

This is probably the most requested phpList feature of all time. It can be accessed via a new entry in the main menu.

The variety of servers, control panels, permissions, and software versions used with phpList means that your feedback is required on how the updater performs with your system.

How to test

To test the Automatic Updater follow the usual update procedure and click the new "Update" menu item. A new update will be available: this is a dummy update with an identical codebase and different version number, provided solely to make it easy for you to test upgrading.

The Automatic Updater can Upgrade from this Release Candidate to the final version of phpList 3.3.7, due next week, providing an additional upgrade opportunity. If additional RC versions are released, you can use the Automatic Updater to upgrade to those too.

Please test extensively in order to be able and identify as many potential fixes and improvements as possible for phpList 3.3.8, due in January.

The Database upgrade mechanism is unaffected by the new Automatic Updater and continues to work separately as in the previous versions. Your config file (in lists/config/config.php) won’t be overwritten; nevertheless: please backup your data to a safe location.

For more information on how the updater works please see the documentation in the updater repository, including a full list of features.


Thank you to @duncanc who has eight pull requests included in this release, including:

  • Support for importing subscriber attributes (import2.php) which include field separator characters, such as tab or comma, when the values are stored within quotes

  • Fix for URLs which are stored incorrectly (truncated) with click tracking enabled

  • Move the options provided by plugins on the ‘Edit subscribe page’ page to the end of the form

Check the roadmap for the full list of changes.

Download the Release Candidate here


• Upgrade from older releases following the usual upgrade process

• Use your phpList as normal, and report any new problems you find

Reporting issues

  • Report any issues you find to the phpList Bugtracker, selecting “3.3.7-RC1” as the Product Version

  • Use the usual bug fixing process if you know how to fix it.

Happy testing!


I had a look at the README but it is a bit unclear

  • the code seems to assume that config.php is in the lists/config directory. Using the ConfigFile environment variable the config file can be anywhere.
  • what happens to files and directories beneath /lists that are not part of phplist?
  • what happens to additional plugins that have been installed in the plugins directory?


@duncanc Thanks for your quick feedback.

  • If the config file is outside of the phpList directories then it cannot be overwritten, so should be fine. But if the updater expects it to be there, it may fail. That should be tested.
  • what kind of other files might be in the phpList directories? Yes it would be good to check for other files and warn the user during the upgrade to back them up separately, or perhaps give the option to include them in the automatic backup
  • I think that these need to be installed again, but @xheni can confirm


There are several files and directories that, while not part of the released phplist, are used by it. Some examples

  • the image upload directory
  • the attachment directory
  • a custom ckeditor configuration file
  • a custom build of ckeditor

These might be placed within the phplist directory in order “to keep everything together”.
Further, if phplist is installed in the web root directory, then any other files and directories will have to be in the phplist directory.