phpList 3.3.5 -- menulinks -- pages


In trying to understand/follow the phplist v3 logic. I’m trying to understand the relationship in the
$GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] array

The $GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] is an array that appears to define the menu links, as well as the “pages” for the different page/content of phplist as seen from the

The items listed in the $GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] -menu – are the links under the submenus in the left side of the page. There’s a 1-1 correlation between the menuitems and the subMenu links…

However, the $GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] -pages is a different animal. The pages appear to “loosely” match the men items… but in some cases there are more/less items in the page list than the menu list.

So far, I haven’t been able to figure out exactly how this (the “pages”) is supposed to work…

In examining the subordinate pages from the menulinks… I don’t see a consistent process where all the "page"items map to links in the subordinate pages.

Pointers here would be cool/good!!