phpList 3.3.0 Fast But Will NOT Process Que

Just installed phpList 3.3.0. All functions appear to work fine EXCEPT Process Que. phpList icon twirls but nothing happens. Previous version 3.2.7 required hitting send que several times often requiring waiting for many minutes or much longer before process command would be accepted. How can this be fixed? Thank you.

@Richard A release candidate of phpList 3.3.1 is available which should resolve this issue: phpList 3.3.1 Release Candidate ready for testing

@Richard Please can you confirm that 3.3.1-RC1 resolves the issue?

No. It did NOT. I am in the middle of a mailing and I’m dead in the water. All other functions appear to be working as expected. What should I do? Thanks for your help.

@Richard To clarify, you upgraded to phpList 3.3.1-RC1 and attempted to contact time process your existing message queue, but no progress was made?

If so, please try creating and sending a new campaign and see if the queue processes properly.

Some progress. New campaign will process queue to an extent. I have set the batch size to 120 and the time to 60 seconds. phpList 3.3.1-RC1 will process 120 addresses then freeze after about 40 seconds. Resume processing button does not work unless I wait several minutes. Upper frame in Send Queue window does have progress text but not lower window. What’s next?

More progress. Discovered the following in phpList 3.1.1-RC1:

  1. Setting (‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD’, 1); at any number lower than 30 still shows message in lower frame of Process Queue window, “Waiting for 30 seconds before reloading"
  2. Setting (‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE’, 60); seems to be the maximum size to work successfully, i.e. processing several thousand emails without stopping, with 30 second Batch Period.
  3. Setting (‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE’, 0); In order to disable batch and run at maximum speed does not work.
  4. Maximum speed is 60/30 +30 or 3600 messages per hour.

This appears to be a bug in phpList 3.1.1-RC1. If I am incorrect please offer advice on how to edit my config.php file or fix or workaround this limitation. Thank you.

Thanks @Richard; reported to the bug tracker:

phpList 3.3.1 is now available, including fixes for phpList 3.3.0.

Thanks for the alert. Installed 3.3.1 but no change in queue processing. Please tell the person(s) working on fixing the process queue code that I am in the middle of large mailing, about 200,000 remain. At a max, with any setting, of 3600/hr. it is going to be quite a few days. So if I can be of help as a beta tester now is the time to ask me.

Richard, with that many emails to send, you should be using a cron job to perform the sending commands. If you are limited to a certain speed, it could be related to the size of your email, or the speed of your outgoing connection, or your host/hosting service.

3.3.1 seems quite speedy to me, I just loaded an installation and had to throttle it down to about 4k (small) messages an hour.