Peristent $pageroot error

Hi, I’ve been greeted with this error eversince installation. Even though the pageroot has been set correctly in both the config.php and init.php.

The pageroot in your config does not match the current location
Check your config file.

My other problem is the url keeps adding the letter “s” right after my $pageroot. i.e. list becomes lists. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is causing this.

Appreciate all advices.

@AlifOpenSrc Clearly the value is not correct. Please show the actual value of $pageroot and the URL that you are using to access phplist.


/home/apps/web/$pageroot = ‘/mailsys’;
/home/apps/web/ $pageroot = '/mailsys;

Url is
Obviously i changed the domain for security reasons. But that is it thus far.


@AlifOpenSrc You are changing the wrong file, see the beginning of config.php

* ** NOTE: To use options from config_extended.php, you need to copy them to this file **
There is no need to make other changes to the phplist source code.

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Good god i feel so dumb. It works now. Thanks!


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