Password reset not working - new password dos't seem to take


I am trying to test the RSS plugin on my personal install, but I can’t seem to log in. I am trying the password reset - the email gets sent and the reset appears successfully but then when I come to login the password doesn’t work.

I know how to change this in the DB but am just intrigued as to why it isn’t working for me :smile:


I haven’t used the rss plugin, but to change your password in the database, you can go search for your email address in the phplist_admin table, and update the password (plain text is fine).

    email = '';


   UPDATE `phplist_admin` 
    `password` = 'newpassword'
    `id` = 'idvaluefromabove';

I usually use MySQL Workbench to do this, it has a decent human interface.

Sure, I am okay to change that in the db, but intrigued as to why the usual method might not work. After all, many users are not able to edit a DB… Can anyone replicate this issue?

I thought it was MD5.

SET ‘password=MD5’(‘newpassword’)

The hash algorithm used for a new installation of phplist is sha256. If someone upgrades from phplist 2 and has been using encrypted user passwords then those will have been using md5 and I think that algorithm is kept.

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