$pageroot set correctly, but still redirecting to /lists after upgrade to version 3.2.0

I just upgraded to version 3.2.0. The installation directory is /phplist. I migrated all my config settings manually.

Here are the settings I am using:

Everything is working except:

  • Start a new Campaign button is redirecting to /lists (and giving a 404)
  • Email unsubscribe and Update Preferences links are still going to /lists and not /phplist (also returning 404)

I have checked everything I can think of, cleared my cache, tried multiple browsers, but still I cannot get these urls to update.

Your old config file should work. Can you restore that to see whether it solves the problem?

phplist uses only the config.php file. Is that the one which has your settings?

Thank you! I got it working by copying the $pageroot setting into the main config file. I did not realize that config_extended.php was ignored, and that those settings had to be copied and pasted into config.php.The upgrade instructions were not clear about this, but once i did that it fixed the issue.


Which instructions did you follow?