Pageroot doesn't match


Very cool bit of software you have here - thanks :slight_smile: I’m having some issues setting up.

In config_extended.php I have:

$pageroot = '/newsletter/lists';

My URL is:

…yet I get this error:

The pageroot in your config does not match the current location
Check your config file.

Am I being dumb and missing something?



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the pageroot is the ‘path’ relative to your website root address… so in your case, if the page on the website is /newsletter/lists’, then you have it specified correctly.

You should have that value in your /newsletter/lists/config/config.php config file.
if you have it in your config_extended.php file, it won’t make a difference (That file is an example of settings you can put in your config.php file.


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Ahhh man … now I feel like an idiot! I was editing the _extended file thinking that overwrote the config.php stuff. I didn’t realise it was just an example of all the different config options

Thats all working great now - thanks :slight_smile: I’ll keep playing

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