Only 380 of 905 messages sent?

i am using latest phplist, fresh install,
set up everything, run tests, got every thing as needed,
batch of 5 every 6 minutes, 30 second delay.
validated all emails in list
then decided to use remote queuing,
got api etc.
started campaign with 905 subscribers and all looked good,
emails were being sent out slow and steady,
i seen it send first 200 or so, then i went to bed
woke up this morning, and seen campaign finished email,
when i checked it says only 380 emails were sent…

it seemed to finish around the time i expected it to finish for 905
but only says 380 were sent,
why would it stop at 380 ?
is there anyway i can see which subcribers it sent and which it did not ?
as i dont want to send again to people that already got the email

any comments help would be greatly appreciated

I’d probably check out the people that did not get the email, and see if there is anything unusual in their email address. phpList will not send if the email address is not valid.

as stated, i already validated all emails in list (was initially over 1200) using 2 different verifier software, and 3 different online services(checking a lot individually), all emails were valid, and mailboxes exist.

how do i see who got the email and who did not ?
i only see where to check who opened the email

Have you reviewed the event log? There will be entries similar to

Processing message 56
Looking for subscribers
Found them: 232 to process
Processed 232 out of 232 subscribers

That might shed some light on what has happened.

it dont seem to show that info as i used remote queuing

(i do get that info if i send through browser)

i have since split list into 5 smaller lists, and they seem to be sending fine now

@PinkSlink: Dont listing to any offical “solutions” in here (sorry). Nobody here is simple knowing your server. I had the same problem and nobody here could help me. You simple have to check the interval in which emails will send. My server can send only every 5 seconds with this script a email, without getting 80% mailerdaemons. Now I put it to 7 sec and all is fine. Sure phplist is sending 2 hours but its working. After all that I am very dissapointed of this script. First look was like “wow” and MYBB is sending emails faster. Anyway, doesnt matter. Just check it… I think thats why it works fine with 5 lists (you server can have a break now) Good luck!

i did have a 30 second delay between emails, and was sending in batches of 5, every 6 minutes,
when i split into 5 smaller lists (1 list is still over 700) i changed the delay to 20 seconds and it now seems to work,
either way i was looking at a few hours to send and my hosting only permits 200/hour,
so i only wanted to send around 100/hour anyway,
dont bother me about time it takes, or now that i have 5 lists, as they are different groups,
which will have emails sent to only certain groups,
it just would have been nice to have a main send to all list.