Once generated Lists visible to all Admins?

Hi there,

we would like to use phpList for a non profit organization in order to distribute informations to our members.
There will be 3 admins supposed to use the same Lists.
I figured out by now, that each admin has to maintain ‘his’ lists and those cannot be seen by the others.
Is there any chance to tweek the settings that way, that all admins are using the same lists?

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If you make all admins super-admins (not subadmins) can they not access each others lists?

Unfortunately no - I tried this already

Hello, can you please double check you have set the correct value to yes? (see screenshot).
I have multiple super-admins that can view the same set of lists.

Hello Suela - Thanks for your reply.
I will try this again and let you know the outcome.

Ups - this time it worked! Don’t know what I did wrong this morning.

Thanks anyway.

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