Older version (v3.0.2) of phplist and security

I have volunteered to help with a website and the site is currently using phplist version v3.0.2
Is it a security risk to run with this version of phplist and should we hurry with an update or is it ok from a security point of view?

Yes, BIG security risk running a version 10 upgrades out of date as many where security updates.
You can upgrade straight to version 3.0.12 in one go but would recommend you install latest version in a different directory, then copy the database for the new version to use, and configuration settings over to the new version, make sure everything works whilst you still have working version of 3.0.2 running. Then once you’ve made sure the version works as it should, you can switch over to the new directory or rename the old directory to oldphplist and the new one to the same name as you have for the 3.0.2 directory and just tweak the config settings for the change of name.

Should work fine like that and you’ll have the original files and db as a backup if anything goes wrong.
If it does, you can always ask for help again.

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