Obsolete code ---?


In going over the codebase, I run across “USE_PREPARE”…

When I hit google… I get a page — https://resources.phplist.com/system/config/use_prepare where it appears the defined constant is obsolete.

Is this the case… are there other instances of obsolete code within the codebase???

Is the use of —sendprepared-- also obsolete??


Possibly; it’s hard to prove a negative. The codebase of phpList 3 is old and has been refactored several times. However if you prefer a new codebase then look at phpList 4.

Of course any help removing obsolete references in phpList 3 would be awesome :slight_smile:


Thought I downloaded the latest from the phplist/download area. Ok. just checked Github. v3 is the latest. So can I assume v4 is the production code – phplist.com ??

I didn’t see v4 on Github, did I miss it?

If you can point me to a v4 version, would be good/great to take a look at it versus v3. Might be useful.


@tsmith Don’t despair - v4 is not production ready yet, so v3 is currently your best bet. It’s up to you – use the old, more capable, but less standards compliant codebase, or use the new, more modern, but currently less capable one.

On GitHub v4 is called core. There are various related repos associated with it.