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No Campaign Results

I sent out my first mailshot yesterday but on opening phpList this morning I’m not seeing any results. The dashboard says “0 Viewed (0%), and 0 bounced (0%)”

I’ve set-up Config as best as I can with Google Tracking set to 0 (I prefer Statcounter to Google Analytics), Default html template and Default footer. Everything else is as installed.

As far as plug-ins are concerned, only CKEditor is Enabled.

If anyone has any ideas of why I’m not getting any reporting I will be grateful.

Thank you in anticipation and kind regards


@mikehenson when you view an email you need to either enable remote images (or some similar wording) in your email client or click a link for phplist to register the open. I think that this is explained in the user manual.

I think that both user tracking and click tracking are now enabled by default so you shouldn’t need to make any config changes.

Hello Duncan
In test emails I have included images and links and when images are included in the email I have accepted remote content in order that the images are revealed but, in both cases, with/without images and/or clicking on links, I’m not getting any feedback.
Kind regards


If you view the source of an email sent by phplist then, if user tracking is enabled, there will be an <img> element that has a url similar to

If click tracking is enabled then the URLs in each link should have been transformed to go to phplist, not the original destination, something like

Is that the case? if not then click tracking is not enabled.

Hello Duncan

The lines you specified do not exist in the headers. This together with comments on other threads led me to believe that there was something wrong with the installation so I contacted my hosting company, who offer a one-click install. They kindly did a re-installation for me which seems to have resolved most, if not all the problems I was facing.

However, I still have a couple of queries based upon the new installation and the test campaigns I have run, on which I’d appreciate your guidance.

“Accept Remote Content” appears on every email I receive in Thunderbird regardless of whether there is an image attached and unless I accept, view statistics do not increment. I don’t know if this is the same in Outlook.

Regardless of whether I “Accept Remote Content” or not, clicks on links are not registered.

Forwarding using the link at the bottom of messages doesn’t seem to send messages to gmail but the action registers in Statistics.

I’ll be grateful for any advice

Kind regards


Yes, that is how phplist tracks which subscribers have opened an email. It includes a tiny image in the email, which causes the “accept remote content” prompt.

It sounds like click tracking is not enabled. I explained before about how phplist rewrites link URLs. Can you see in a received email whether that has happened?

Hello Duncan
I don’t see these lines in the headers of any received emails so how do I enable click tracking?

Click tracking is disabled by default in the config file so I can enable it if needed, it just says “experimental” by it so I wasn’t sure if this was safe. The user/view tracking seems to be enabled by default but the config file says you need to put “[USERTRACK]” somewhere in your mail-out for this to work.

Kind regards