Newby: Nothing happens when I point to the admin folder to install phpList

Hello Community,

I am so sorry for this absolutely stupid question. Probably I do not see the obvious.

I have followed the the installation instruction (setup config-file, uploaded ‘lists’ folder, etc.)

Now, I pass over the address (homefolder/php_list/admin) to the browser. But nothing happens, except a white screen opens.

It seems as if the index.php is not even executed.


  • PHPList-Version: 3.2.2
  • PHP-Version: 5.5.27

Can anybody help me to find the (probably obvious) mistake?

Kind regards

From what info you have shared, the only issue I can see is that you “uploaded ‘lists’ folder”, then you are looking for your installation in php_list. Notice the difference?

Thanks to your reply, Dragonrider.

I have expressed myself a little confusingly.

I have renamed the folder ‘lists/’ to ‘php_list/’ (so that I know, what is behind this).

Is there any special rightsmanagement necessary for the folders?

Okay, if you’ve uploaded lists folder, renamed it php_list, have you amended $pageroot in your config file?
By default, phpList expects to find itself in lists, if you change this, you’ll need to add the following line to your config/config.php file.


I’m assuming that “homefolder” is your server’s root file deirectory, accessed via

If it’s not, but rather then you’ll need to set pageroot to “/homefolder/php_list” instead.

Like this:


And don’t forget the semicolon at the end of the line.

And I also assume you’ve set up the database connection settings correctly for your Db, again, within the config/config.php file?